Gilgamesh Platform Roadmap

Development Roadmap

The Gilgamesh platform has been in the early development and planning stages for the last few months. The team has designed the user-facing experience of the social network platform for Phase One, architected the core of the IOS application, and developed registration and profile screens.
As the token sale begins, the team is focused on developing the Gilgamesh platform core functionalities which include web services, smart contract integration, and IOS development for the upcoming release.

Major Release Overview

V1. Release Plato

Plato is the earliest version of the IOS application that will be released to the public.
The first-ever censorship-free, knowledge-based social network app that connects readers, critics, and authors in a cohesive experience and rewards participants GIL tokens — powered by Ethereum smart contracts.

V2. Release Shakespeare

Shakespeare will expand the Gilgamesh IOS application with new features including book collections, messaging, user-generated book summaries, extract quotes feature, in-app book purchases, and synopsis or excerpt previews. Users will also be able to post quotes, pictures, and videos on their timelines.

V3. Release Homer

Homer will integrate the self-publishing platform with the Gilgamesh application. Users can connect with service providers to publish, market, and distribute books, essentially removing the middleman.
A self-publishing marketplace removes the middleman (publishers) from the publishing process, creating a censorship-free platform and community for authors and service providers.

Roadmap In Depth

2nd Quarter – 2018

Release Plato – Research & Development, Alpha Release

Steps taken to achieve Plato - Alpha:

  1. Development and design of IOS application
  2. Service architecture and development
  3. Database design and development

Prior to its release to the general public, the Gilgamesh platform will launch privately to a select group of readers and authors to help the team identify and fix bugs, test the platform with real users, and prepare the team for the public release.

Release Homer – Research and Development

Research and development for self-publishing platform

  1. Identify how service providers use and work within the platform
  2. Identify potential obstacles team will face during Homer development
  3. Work with service providers to understand how each service brings value to self-publishing

Team Expansion

Steps taken to achieve Team Expansion:

  1. Establish hiring guidelines, benefits, pay structure
  2. Determine growth plan for when to add new associates and for which roles are required
  3. Hire engineers, designers, legal, and marketing roles based on growth plan

3rd Quarter – 2018

Plato - Beta Release

The Beta version of Plato is the first release of the Gilgamesh platform to public users by "invitation only". This is the first release that includes the ERC20 Token integration (GIL), which incentivizes users to earn tokens for contributing to the platform.

Release Homer - Planning and Design

During the 3rd Quarter – 2018, the Gilgamesh team will begin planning and design for the V3. Homer Release. The team will identify a final strategy to remove the middleman and pave the road for self-publishing. Gathering user requirements, market research, designing mockups for the IOS app will be completed during this time.

4th Quarter – 2018

Plato Official Release

The Gilgamesh platform will be made available in the App Store to the general public. The IOS social network will include integrated token functionality. This release will mark the release of the first ever knowledge based social network platform that will enable readers and authors to socially connect while earning rewards (GIL tokens) based on the Ethereum network and IPFS.

Release Homer - Development

The Homer version will go through end-to-end development including:

  1. Develop services and APIs
  2. Develop IOS application
  3. Design application and webpages

1st Quarter – 2019

Homer - Alpha Release

Release Homer will be the first-ever secure, censorship-free, self-publishing platform designed and developed by the Gilgamesh team. It will remove the need for publishers a.k.a. the middleman, thus empowering authors to write and share their creativity with the world.
Prior to its release to the general public, the Homer version of the Gilgamesh platform will be launched privately to a select group of authors and service providers to help the team identify and fix bugs, test the platform with real users, and prepare the team for public consumption.

Shakespeare - Beta Release

The Shakespeare release will introduce book collections, live chat and messaging, and integrate advertisements (for books) into the application platform to users by invitation only:

  1. Develop services and APIs
  2. Develop iOS application
  3. Design application and webpages

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

After the initial release of the social network platform, the Gilgamesh team will deploy code on a weekly basis, to fix any bugs, improve scalability, and enhancements.

2nd Quarter – 2019

Shakespeare Official Release

Once the Shakespeare - Beta version has been tested by select users, the Gilgamesh team will release the official version to the public. The Shakespeare update will support in-app instant messaging, improve the Gilgamesh timeline and book screen by allowing users to post photos of books, share quotes, and add summaries of books to their user profile and feed.

Homer - Beta Release

The Beta version of Homer will open the self-publishing platform to public users by “invitation only” in order to assist the team with identifying security or performance bugs prior to its release to the open public. We will keep the community updated in case there are any changes to the plan.