Frequently Asked Questions

Gilgamesh Platform

  • What is the Gilgamesh Platform?

    At its core, Gilgamesh is a self-governing, knowledge-sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS and blockchain technology to create a secure, fair, and engaging ecosystem that connects readers, critics, authors, and self-publishing service providers to influence the book industry and remove the role of publishers as the middleman between the flow of knowledge from authors to readers.
  • What problem does the Gilgamesh Platform solve?

    There is a gap in the market for a cohesive knowledge-sharing platform that enables book readers and authors to connect and engage with one another. The Gilgamesh Platform will enable readers to not only socialize and explore, but also to find, review, and purchase books. It simplifies the process of sharing and gaining knowledge.

    Authors benefit from a relationship with their readers by gaining constructive feedback while simultaneously encouraging a discourse and cultivating a love of learning.

    Service providers need advertisement space that reach authors so they can make self-publishing an affordable, reliable form of publication.

    Publishers limit the interactions between readers, authors, critics, and self-publishing service providers. The Gilgamesh Platform removes the communication barriers established by eliminating the publisher as a middleman. As a result, the platform gives readers, critics, and authors an opportunity to control the book market.
    Authors can break free of a monopolizing business partner (publishers) and gain full control of their work.
  • Why use blockchain technologies?

    For decades authors had to work with their business partners (publishers) to publish and distribute books. Publishers are nothing more than a middleman that overcomplicates the process, infringes on authors' rights, and takes advantage of the power they hold in the market.

    A "standard" book contract does the following:

    1. Gives the publisher the right to the manuscript, whether published or not.
    2. Publishers can negotiate discounts on the cover price without the approval of the author, but the author's royalty will be cut
    3. Publisher can settle lawsuits on behalf of the author but often charge the author for the settlement fee.

    It is time to solve this problem and help authors to take full ownership of their work. IPFS is peer to peer hypermedia protocol and a cryptographic hash that will be used to store critical information such as book files and user information, IPFS is a great match for blockchain based software, we can store large amount of data with IPFS and insert immutable IPFS link into the blockchain transactions or smart contract, this can secure and timestamp our content without having to put the data on the blockchain.

    Ethereum smart contract will be used to create ERC20 standard token, GIL token allows holders to stake their tokens to vote on new features or changes to the platform.

    Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS, and blockchain technologies creates a transparent, censorship-free and secure ecosystem for the book market.

Gilgamesh Platform Token - GIL Token

  • What is a GIL Token and how does it work?

    GIL token is an ERC20 standard token based on Ethereum blockchain powered by smart contract technology.
    GIL token is a utility token that can be used as a unit of account between book readers, authors, critics and service providers on the Gilgamesh Platform.
    The tokens can be used to buy goods or services--such as books or publishing services available through the platform--or can be held by users for voting power to govern the platform.
    There is no promise or suggestion of future performance, nor will GIL tokens hold a particular value. GIL tokens give no rights in the company and do not represent participation in the company. GIL tokens are sold as a utility token or a functional goods. GIL tokens are meant only for experts in cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems. GIL tokens should not be used for investment purposes.
  • How will governance work?

    Token holders can stake their GIL tokens to vote on and propose new changes to the platform. Each GIL token represents a voting share. Voting shares will be proportional to the number of staked tokens.
    Voting shares will be used to create consensus on proposed changes and features for the Gilgamesh platform.
    The Gilgamesh team, is currently partnering with Aragon to establish decentralized governanace.
  • Can I mine GIL tokens?


GIL Token Launch and Fund Use

  • What is the total supply of GIL tokens?

    The total supply varies and is based on the amount of Ether that will be raised during the token sale. The number of tokens will be fixed after the token sale and will not change.
  • Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the token launch?

    Only Ether will be accepted in the token sale. GIL tokens are based on the Ethereum network.
  • What will be the GIL token allocation?

    Here is a summary of token distribution:
    GIL Token Allocations
    • 30%Gilgamesh platform users
    • 25%Token Sale
    • 20%Retained by Gilgamesh
    • 20%Founding team
    • 5%Early contributors & Advisors

    Token Sale Purchasers: 25%

    Skiral Inc. will utilize a token sale campaign to raise money for the development of the Gilgamesh Platform. Token sale purchasers can gain influence in the governance of the Gilgamesh Platform, spend tokens on the platform on goods and services, or maintain their initial status to vote and influence the Gilgamesh platform for future features and changes.

    Founders: 20%

    The Gilgamesh platform will be built by a core team of developers and programmers over the course of several years. To reward past work and stimulate progress, the founders and early contributors will be given GIL Tokens as a reward and to acquire governance power over the platform.

    Founders will receive GIL tokens over a 24-months vesting period with a 6-month cliff, which means founders will mature 25% of their GIL tokens every 6 months.

    Early contributors: 5%

    Early contributors will receive GIL tokens over a 6-month vesting period with a 3-month cliff, which means early contributors mature 50% of GIL tokens at the end of the third month and the remaining 50% at the end of the sixth month.

    Advisors will receive GIL tokens over a 1-year vesting period with a 6-month cliff which means advisors will mature 50% of their GIL tokens every 6 months.

    Bounty program participants are also recongnized as early contributors

    Retained by Gilgamesh: 20%

    For 18 months after the token sale, GIL tokens will be locked and withheld from the platform and disbursed slowly in order to maintain growth and sustain the GIL ecosystem through platform operations, research and development, product discovery, and expansion.

    Users in the Gilgamesh Platform: 30%

    GIL tokens will be retained for distribution to users based on productive contributions to the platform.
    Every year 5% of tokens will be injected into the platform for a preiod of 6 years. Afterwards the Gilgamesh Platform is expected to earn enough tokens to pay GIL tokens to platform users.
    The tokens can be used to buy goods or services--such as books or publishing services on the platform--or can be held by users for voting power to govern the platform.

  • What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

    100% of the proceeds raised in the token sale will be used to fund the development of the Gilgamesh Platform. Below is the breakdown:
    Use of Revenue
    • 65%Employees
    • 16%Operations
    • 13%Marketing
    • 6%Legal

    See the Roadmap for more information.

  • Token Legal Considerations

    GIL Tokens are non-refundable utility tokens on the Gilgamesh Platform. The GIL token will fluctuate in value based on supply and demand within the platform and as decided by the governance, and is not guaranteed to hold any inherent or future value. GIL token-holders do not hold value in the participation in the Skiral Inc. company. GIL tokens are not securities and there will be no promise that GIL tokens will hold any particular value. GIL tokens should not be used for investment purposes.


  • Where is the team based?

    San Jose, CA USA
  • How can I get involved?

    Join our Discord Channel! Or send us your resume.
  • Why the name Gilgamesh?

    The Epic of Gilgamesh is the title of the first known written book in the history of the world. Our team sees the Epic of Gilgamesh as humankind’s first attempt to record and disseminate knowledge to the public, so that is how we chose to name our platform. Like the epic poem, the Gilgamesh Platform endeavors to share valuable knowledge but through a social media-based platform.