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Gilgamesh Platform is currently under development.

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The first-ever knowledge-sharing social network platform based on Ethereum blockchain

  • Social

    Connect, engage, learn and share knowledge with book readers & authors

  • Secure

    Sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored on IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts

  • Privacy

    No censorship, sensitive information is securely stored on decentralized & distributed network

  • Simple

    Clean, simple, friendly, and cohesive user experience removes cognitive load on book readers and authors

  • Earn

    Receive ERC20 GIL tokens for meaningful platform contribution & engagement

  • Purchase

    Spend GIL tokens to purchase books and services

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Gilgamesh Platform Architecture

Gilgamesh Platform Architecture

Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform that leverages blockchain technology, IPFS, and Ethereum smart contracts to create a fair knowledge-based market. The platform is divided into two distinctive segments:
Economic & Engagement Flow and Governance Flow

Economics & Engagement Flow

Readers, critics, authors, and service providers earn GIL tokens as a reward for their productive contributions and influence on the platform, such as writing useful reviews and book summaries.
They can use GIL tokens to pay for a service from a service provider; place an advertisement on the platform; or purchase a book, eBook, or audiobook on the platform.

Service providers earn GIL tokens for the services they provide to authors, and spend them on platform fees or to place an advertisement on the platform.

Ethereum & IPFS

Gilgamesh leverages blockchain technology to create a secure, democratic, censorship-free platform. Ethereum smart contracts will be used to create ERC20 utility token that incentivize users in proportion to their contributions and ensure fair governance by the community.
Accordingly, the Ethereum blockchain is a great fit for decentralized, censorship-free, secure, and open platforms.

The Gilgamesh platform encrypts all sensitive information and book files, storing a distributed file system on IPFS to ensure security and prevent censorship.

Governance Flow

GIL token buyers, service providers, users, and the Gilgamesh team are all token holders on the Gilgamesh platform. Token holders are responsible for making suggestions and voting on the governance of the platform. Correspondingly, voting power is maintained on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts to ensure a fair market economy.


The Gilgamesh platform earns GIL tokens from advertisements paid by authors and service providers, and platform fees charged by service providers. The platform also earns GIL tokens from commissions on book sales, specifically from authors who self-publish and sell their books on the platform.