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The first-ever knowledge-sharing social network platform based on Ethereum blockchain

  • Social

    Connect, engage, learn and share knowledge with book readers & authors

  • Secure

    Sensitive data is encrypted and securely stored on IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts

  • Privacy

    No censorship, sensitive information is securely stored on decentralized & distributed network

  • Simple

    Clean, simple, friendly, and cohesive user experience removes cognitive load on book readers and authors

  • Earn

    Receive ERC20 GIL tokens for meaningful platform contribution & engagement

  • Purchase

    Spend GIL tokens to purchase books and services

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Gilgamesh Platform Architecture

Gilgamesh Platform Architecture

Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform that leverages blockchain technology, IPFS, and Ethereum smart contracts to create a fair knowledge-based market. The platform is divided into two distinctive segments:
Economic & Engagement Flow and Governance Flow

Economics & Engagement Flow

Readers, critics, authors, and service providers earn GIL tokens as a reward for their productive contributions and influence on the platform, such as writing useful reviews and book summaries.
They can use GIL tokens to pay for a service from a service provider; place an advertisement on the platform; or purchase a book, eBook, or audiobook on the platform.

Service providers earn GIL tokens for the services they provide to authors, and spend them on platform fees or to place an advertisement on the platform.

Ethereum & IPFS

Gilgamesh leverages blockchain technology to create a secure, democratic, censorship-free platform. Ethereum smart contracts will be used to create ERC20 utility token that incentivize users in proportion to their contributions and ensure fair governance by the community.
Accordingly, the Ethereum blockchain is a great fit for decentralized, censorship-free, secure, and open platforms.

The Gilgamesh platform encrypts all sensitive information and book files, storing a distributed file system on IPFS to ensure security and prevent censorship.

Governance Flow

GIL token buyers, service providers, users, and the Gilgamesh team are all token holders on the Gilgamesh platform. Token holders are responsible for making suggestions and voting on the governance of the platform. Correspondingly, voting power is maintained on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts to ensure a fair market economy.


The Gilgamesh platform earns GIL tokens from advertisements paid by authors and service providers, and platform fees charged by service providers. The platform also earns GIL tokens from commissions on book sales, specifically from authors who self-publish and sell their books on the platform.


Skiral Inc.
Gilgamesh Concept
Gilgamesh Market and Technical Research
Gilgamesh IOS app
Design completed
iOS core
development completed
Gilgamesh white paper
& smart contract
2017Q4 to Q1 2018
Gilgamesh Platform token sale & brand awareness
Alpha Release
Beta Release
Plato Final Release
Beta Release & Homer Alpha Release
Shakespeare Final Release & Homer Beta Release

Smart Contract on Github

The Gilgamesh Platform Token is an ERC20 standard token deployed on the Ethereum network through smart contracts.

Ethereum smart contracts will be used to store immutable, permanent links to encrypted Gilgamesh files on the IPFS network. This will eliminate censorship and ensure data integrity.

Team Members

  • Mahdi Pedram

    Mahdi PedramFounder & Software Architect

    Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Full Stack Software Engineer, UI Architect, and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer with over 10 years of experience in software development and front-end technologies. Main Architect, and engineer of many complex enterprise level web applications, and single page applications.
    Mahdi is obsessed with writing clean and extensible code, building blockchain-based applications and distributed systems to push the humanity forward.

  • Atefe Mosayebi

    Atefe MosayebiSoftware Engineer & Project Manager

    Atefe is passionate about building great software and applying technology to improve humanity. She is experienced in software design and development and has a solid foundation in computer science, algorithms, data structures, and software design and relational databases and SQL development.
    Her interests include cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, large-scale distributed systems, and web applications.

  • Ali Rasekh

    Ali RasekhDirector of Operations & Security Manager

    Ali is a blockchain enthusiast with a background in cyber security and technology management. He has lead many federal and international technology projects for consulting firms such as Deloitte and Accenture. As a cyber security expert, Ali holds multiple security certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information System Security (CISSP). He is currently focused on the cyber security aspect of blockchains and crypto currencies, and is working on several blockchain security research studies.

  • Mo Vahedi

    Mo VahediProduct Manager & Solution Delivery Lead

    Product Manager, Solution Delivery Lead, and SDLC expert with a background in Computer Science and Software Development, possessing over 7 years of professional experience leading and delivering enterprise and customer facing Apps in the Aerospace and Technology industries.
    Beside App Development, Mo is a Blockchain enthusiast and is focused on next generation Blockchain-based Applications, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • Mohammad Amoozegar

    Mohammad AmoozegarBlockchain Data Analyst

    Mohammad is a published researcher, Data Analyst, and SPSS expert with over 4 years of experimental research experience. He has regulated and led research studies in both laboratory and field settings. Mohammad specializes in blockchain market research. Applies research findings to optimize marketing strategies as well as enhancing search engine optimization and community engagement. Mohammad is also an avid book reader and envisions a decentralized society where knowledge can be shared freely.

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    Gilgamesh is looking for talented engineers, designers, product managers, and advisors. Join the team and be a part of our unique vision!

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Team Experience

  • ebay
  • Deloitte
  • Harvard University
  • Reytheon
  • Stanford University
  • Skiral Inc

Advisory Board

  • Nathan Christian

    Nathan ChristianBlockchain & ICO Advisor

    Technical expert in Blockchain-based accounting and financial applications.
    Serial entrepreneur with over 35 start-ups in his portfolio.
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO) strategy, development, venture capital investment, consulting and advising. Top 10 ranked ‘People of Blockchain’. Accomplished blockchain and fintech international public speaker.
    MBA from the Ohio State University.

  • Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar GauravBlockchain & Business Advisor

    Kumar Guarav has been recognized across the world for his extraordinary influence on the evolution of blockchain technology.
    In 2016, Kumar founded Cashaa, a blockchain-based payment and banking platform, which is already ranked among the top 100 blockchain companies in the world.
    Kumar also serves as Chairman of Auxesis Group, an internationally-known blockchain development company. Kumar uses his extraordinary skills and experience to advise many blockchain startups and incubators.

  • Douglas Park

    Douglas ParkLegal & Business Advisor

    Douglas Park is a transactional and securities attorney who has been named to the Super Lawyers list in Northern California in Business/Corporate law. Doug has advised boards of directors and executives on corporate governance matters. He has taught Starting Startups at Stanford University. Doug holds an AB magna cum laude with highest honors in Sociology from Harvard College, a PhD in Business from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a JD from University of Michigan Law School.

  • Reza Dibadj

    Reza DibadjLegal & Business Advisor

    Reza Dibadj is an accomplished corporate and securities attorney who has published over thirty articles in law journals and publications like the Financial Times. He has taught and advised extensively on securities litigation, business entities, and enterprise liability. Reza earned an AB magna cum laude in Electrical Engineering from Harvard College, a MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School, and JD magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

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